Dateline 7th July – Location Sharyn Canyon


We wanted to give everybody an idea of some of the work that goes into the photo shoots. So we thought we would choose a day that was a bit more exciting than a normal studio shoot.

The day started early with a long drive to get to the location. Sharyn Canyon is about 200 kilometres drive for us so two cars full of models, photographer, drivers and other supporters were on their way. We didn’t really see so much other traffic on the road once we got out of the city. it was like somebody cleared the route for us. Nothing like a normal day driving around trying to get from one place to another in the city.

But at least somebody had chosen the right day. The weather was bright and sunny with mostly clear blue skies and already it was starting to get warm. No, make that hot!!

By the middle of the day the temperature was about 50C and this was a place with very little shade. Also it was lots of walking to get to the places where we could make the photo shoots.

But we had lots of fun with each other and the people who were along to help us. We were lucky that we were able to see some fantastic scenery, not everybody has places like this that they can visit. And we were at the place almost until the sun went down. We hope you enjoy the photo sets that we made on the day and we hope we can put some to the site very soon.

When we found the water it was great. So refreshing and special on such a hot day. If you ever travel as a tourist maybe you should try to find Sharyn Canyon.

We put all of the photos on this page as a gallery for you to view –

Hanna xx