A Christmas Party for Our Models

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Hello everybody!

This year we will hold a little Christmas party with our models who live in the same area. It will be a chance for the models to be together and celebrate the season and the work that they do with us and for you.

If anybody would like to make a donation to help cover the expense of the party we would be very grateful. At the party we hope to do some fun photos and videos. And for those customers who donate we will also make a special video with the models that the people choose. And maybe we can shoot a few special photos if people like. But of course, this can only be with the models who are at the party.

We hope that you enjoy all of our work and me and all the models are very happy to be able to make photos and videos that you can enjoy. If you can make a donation please send us a message with the name of the models who you would to send a message please tell us. You can reply here or send us a private message or send an email to admin@hanna-world.org

Thank you!

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